For SysOps

BBSlink allows you to offer popular, established door games on your BBS.

BBSlink is free, easy to configure and works with most modern (and some older) BBS software. Connection clients are available for 32-bit Windows systems, Linux and a native Synchronet JavaScript client has also been developed.

Users pass seamlessly from your system to the door game of their choice through the connection client that is just configured like any other door. They are connected to the BBSlink server by telnet and their BBSlink account is linked to your BBS meaning should the caller want to play again, they must return to your BBS. BBSlink games cannot be accessed by directly connecting to the server.

We do not operate any selection processes and welcome any BBS regardless of its age, user base or appearance. All of the doors on BBSlink are either registered, freeware or abandonware. There are no shareware/trial versions.

Don't see the door you want? Just ask! As long as it runs in Linux using DOSemu (there are very few DOS doors that won't), we can put it on. If you have a registered copy of a game that you could donate to us (and of course remove all local copies on your board), that would be greatly appreciated.

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