BBSlink Sysop Resources

This area is intended for sysops that already have a BBSlink account. If you have not yet signed up, please do so here.

Installation guides and connection scripts/clients:

Synchronet connection script - Windows and Linux
Windows connection client - for non-Synchronet BBS
Linux connection scripts - for non-Synchronet BBS
Mac OS X connection script - for Mac OS X BBS
CNet BBS connection script - for Amiga systems

ANSI score files:

Graffiti Wall:

*** NEW *** Amiga CNet BBS client available

Synchronet and Amiga CNet sysops can now install the BBSlink Graffiti Wall.
Click here for more details and installation instructions.

Solar & Terrestrial Data:

You can now install also display LIVE solar and terrestrial data on your BBS for ham radio operators.
Click here for more details and installation instructions.

The following door codes are currently accepted:

  • A menu of all games can be accessed with the command 'menu'
  • Door code: menu

  • Sysop test command
  • Door code: test

  • Legend of the Red Dragon
  • Door code: lord

  • Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World
  • Door code: lord2

  • Door code: mzkl

  • Operation: Overkill II
  • Door code: ooii

  • Trade Wars 2002
  • Door code: tw

  • Planets: The Exploration of Space
  • Door code: teos

  • Global War
  • Door code: gwar

  • Global Backgammon
  • Door code: ggam

  • Usurper
  • Door code: usrp

  • Barren Realms Elite
  • Door code: bre

  • Falcon's Eye
  • Door code: falc

  • Falcon's Honor
  • Door code: fhon

  • The Arcadian Legends
  • Door code: arcl

  • DoorMUD
  • Door code: dmud

  • Pimp Wars
  • Door code: pimp

  • Lunatix
  • Door code: luna

  • Netrunner
  • Door code: netr

  • Assassin
  • Door code: assn

  • BBS Crash
  • Door code: bbsc

  • Virtual Sysop
  • Door code: vsys

  • The Pit
  • Door code: tpit

  • Bordello
  • Door code: bord

  • Junkyard
  • Door code: junk

  • Murder Motel
  • Door code: mmot

  • Darklands
  • Door code: dark

  • Hackin' Crackin'
  • Door code: hack

  • Mega Slots
  • Door code: mega

  • Fresh Water Fishing Sim
  • Door code: fish

  • Lemonade
  • Door code: lmon

  • Dungeon Master
  • Door code: dmas

  • BCR Games Server
  • Door code: bcr

  • Legion
  • Door code: legn

  • Darkness 2.0 *** NEW ***
  • Door code: dkns

Note that the door codes should be passed in lower case.

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